App & Cloud-based digital access & remote control with open API !

Finally, we are able to present a remote control and access software made for developers, a modern, customizable and open system:


Registered users


Payed for access each day

Sircon Sesam let authorized users open, close, turn off, turn on, start, shut down or lock remotely via admin or API, and locally via the APP.

Sircon Sesam lets you open and close, turn on and off, anything, from anywhere, anytime. Register and give local access to anyone via the Sesam App, automated or remotely via Sesam Admin or through the API!

Sircon Sesam can coexist or replace other access technology, and make administration and distribution of access easier, less expensive and more efficient. Normally no change in existing system is needed.

Sircon Sesam simplifies the management of access to doors, gates, warehouses, cabinets and access throughout your business, regardless of the type of electric access.

We deliver the software and the app. The hardware you can buy anywhere.

Affordable electric locks for all kinds of cabinets and doors with easy installation can easily be found. Sesam Controller has also support for camera, and for Reed relays that can warn/send messages of unauthorized access. Sesam Controller can show messages and ads on Sesam Screen.

Which systems are supported by Sesam ?

All electrical access systems can be fitted with Sesam: doors, hydraulic bollards, lifts, gates, cabinets and more.

A Sesam Controller is easy to install in any existing facility. No change is required to any pre-existing electric locking systems. Sircon Sesam can work in parallel with any such system and locks.

When using Sesam only to register visitors, no additional hardware or systems are required.


Sircon Sesam is priced per. API key, and door / access point / month.

  • Per API key (only needed for integrations with third party systems): €5o /month.(NOK500) No limit in the number of access points.
  • Per access point: €5 /month.(NOK50)
  • Sircon Sesam App and unlimited number of users are included.
  • Per camera, image storage: €1/month. (NOK10)

Sircon Sesam aims to provide predictable costs, everything is included in the monthly total.

The monthly fee includes:

  • Administrator control panel.
  • Feature and security updates.
  • Technical support.
  • 30 days, remote backup of all logs and access data.
  • Maintenance and updates of Sesam Admin and Sesam API.
  • Maintenance and software updates for the Sesam App and Sesam Controller

There are no restrictions on the number of doors per. facility, so with several doors / access points the cost is modest per access point. There is also no cost when using the app. For larger numbers of (over 100) doors / access points we will provide a custom quote. There are neither restrictions on the number of administrators in Sesam Admin, nor users of the Sesam App. The Sesam App is free to download, and you never have to spend money on keys, cards or fobs again.

What can Sircon Sesam be used for?

Sircon Sesam can be used by anyone who needs an efficient way to log, control and manage groups of access points for groups of users or individual users.

This can be paid access, access based on membership or a one-time access to deliver something to a recipient who can pick up from the same access point. We see that logging accesses can also provide significant benefits in tracking infection, especially if you have frequent visitors that need to register each time they visit. Below you will find examples of some uses but the list can certainly be made longer. We envision many creative solutions and integrations over time.

  • Construction barracks
  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Delivery / Pickup
  • Lifts
  • Start / stop or switch appliances and equipment on and off
  • Key cabinets
  • Marinas
  • Rental Machines
  • Slot machines
  • Storage rental
  • Retrieving Inventory
  • Gym access
  • Meeting room access
  • Car rental
  • Events
  • In-home care
  • Maid services
  • Nursing homes
  • Institutions
  • Infection Tracking
  • Organizations
  • Construction
  • Real estate

Why choose Sircon Sesam?

Sircon Sesam is open source software, using standard microcomputers and offers a free App. This makes the total cost of the access system among the lowest available, and gives you freedom and independence from individual providers.

Sircon Sesam is based on generic hardware that you can buy at a regular electronics store. We recommend checking for the components online, to ensure as low a price as possible. This makes Sesam the most advanced and flexible platform for access control in it’s price range.

  • No distribution of keys, codes, fobs or cards.
  • Lightning fast response, app opens immediately.
  • Easy to delete or create users
  • An administrator can manage several facilities
  • A user account can access several facilities
  • Access based on payment or membership via API
  • Info screen for advertising and messages upon access
  • Easy to determine opening hours
  • Simple, comprehensible user interface
  • Complete logs provide overview and control
  • Monitor access, and set up automatic alerts in case of discrepancies.
  • Almost unlimited possibilities in terms of customization
  • Firmware can be updated and customized software installed remotely from the cloud service.
  • Easy to resell for retailers
  • Cloud service runs on 100% renewable energy


Sircon Sesam supports TLS 1.2 or higher and has the same high degree of data security as the national health network and the military use.

  • Security for known threats is safeguarded in this way. Sesam Controller firmware can be updated/patched “remotely” this also means that customizations or new desired functionality is easily added later.
  • Support for wired and wireless encrypted network.
  • Identifies itself via the BLE Eddystone Beacon which is picked up by the Sesam App.
  • All identification over encrypted network.

Works as a remote-controlled relay over encrypted internet together with standard electrical access points such as doors, hydraulic bollards, lifts, gates and more.

Sircon Sesam consists of:

Forget remotes, keys, codes, fobs or plastic cards. The only key you need is the Sesam App, and it’s free. These are the 5 components Sircon Sesam consists of:

1 Sesam Admin

Sesam Admin

Sesam Admin is our cloud service where you manage groups of users and groups of access points as well as screen information in our integrated digital access system.

Sesam Admin lets you control group access to groups of access points. In addition, access can be controlled by time, date, etc.

2 Sesam Controller

Affordable hardware and minimal work required to setup each access point.

Sesam Controller is our software that runs on a standard Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer. This controls what your access point should do, and executes instructions on the access point. This is controlled and administered from Sesam Admin. Sesam Controller communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with the Sesam App and via WiFi with Sesam Admin. Download the software for free from our website. You configure Sesam Controller via your smartphone.

There are many cabinets for the Raspberry Pi. Shown here in one that fits on a DIN rail.

Newest features: support for Cameras and Sensors.

3 Sesam Screen

Inform and advertise

Sesam Screen allows you to view greetings and relevant information when opening a door, and advertisements or other information at all other times. Everything controlled via Sesam Admin or Sesam API.

Sesam Controller has a screen output, and Sesam Screen will display messages and advertisements from Sesam Admin at any access point.

Sesam Screen provides efficient communication and relevant information at the access point. An advertising carousel can also be set up for display when the access point is not used.

4 Sesam App

Sesam App, the only key you need for all access points

Sesam App lets you use your phone to unlock any access point. In addition, you will receive messages at the access point that Sesam Admin wants you to receive. The Sesam App is free to use.

Sircon Sesam App is available on Huawei App Gallery, Google Play and Apples iOS Appstore.

The Sesam App gives you access to all locations that you have been given access to through Sesam Admin. For example: At home, at the sports facility and at work.

5 Sesam API

Access control via your own systems

The Sesam API allows you to control everything in Sesam Admin via other systems. For example: You can reject non-paying members, or revoke access automatically in the event of resignation, as well as time managed access and maximum number of visitors, etc.

With the Sesam API, you can e.g. provide one-time access for someone who is delivering something to a delivery point, as well as one-time access for the person who’s picking it up.

Forget all remotes, keys, codes, fobs or plastic cards. The Sesam App can become the only thing you need for anything you access. Log in is needed only once on each device.