Sensor and Sircon Sesam

It is exciting to see how fast the further development of Sircon Sesam goes . An inspired group of local developers is growing proportionately with the progress.

We are nearing the point where all critical areas are covered by people inhouse; development, sales, translation, operation, technical support and end user support.

Sircon Sesam is now able to register a myriad of things, among them unauthorized access, and it is also able to take pictures of these access attempts. A smart way to trigger alarms, but might also only warrant an email or SMS to security about the incident, who knows? -We can cater to whatever you need!

We look forward to seeing what this project eventually will become.

Feel free to contact us if you have any tips or suggestions on what Sircon Sesam might do for you or your community in the future!

Take care!


Tickets and access based on subscription

If you have unmanned access points that grant access based on a scheduled appointment or subscription, Sircon Sesam will ensure efficient and secure access control! Sircon Sesam communicates lightning-fast and is able to handle thousands of access requests!

Useful for Infection control and easier access for the disabled:

With an automatic door opener, Sircon Sesam is well suited for non-contact access points.

Sesam App and an automatic door opener makes access without common touch points possible. No button, keyboard, NFC reader or card reader that could be contagious, difficult to reach, or vandalized. Remote control in this way is practical for people with reduced mobility and important for infection control and hygiene at many facilities.


All electrical access systems

Sircon Sesam supports all electrical access systems!

With a range of over 30 meters, the Sesam App can also be used as a remote control of barriers, gates or other electrically controlled road barriers.

Sircon Sesam consists of Sesam Admin, Sesam Controller (optionally with Sesam Screen) and Sesam App. Sircon Sesam simplifies the management of access to doors, gates and access throughout your business, no matter the type of access. Use it toe efficiently control access to events, buildings or facilities you manage! Sircon Sesam can be integrated into any existing system via the Sesam API.