Sesam Admin

Sesam Admin (Access Control as a Service) is our cloud service for digital integrated access systems.

Sesam Admin simplifies the management of access to doors, gates, warehouses, cabinets and access throughout your business, regardless of the type of access, be it to events, buildings or facilities you are responsible for.

All access logs and user data are stored on a secure server in our own server park, and all traffic to and from the server is encrypted.

Sesam Admin lets you control group access to groups of access points. In addition, access can be controlled by time, date, etc. In Sesam Admin, you also decide what to display on the Sesam Screen at access points.

Security and feature updates are always included. The same goes for technical support from a dedicated support team.

Sircon Norge AS has a holistic approach to security. This includes secure data centers, secure storage of data, secure delivery of additional content, precise access control and regular revision / updating of software on all platforms. Sircon Sesam supports TLS 1.2 or higher and has the same high level of data security as the Norwegian armed forces and the Norwegian health care network.

How to add an acess point?

To add an access point, you simply chose access points from the menu, and choose add access point. Then add the pairing code generated when installing the Sesam Controller.