Sesam App

Sesam App – one key to all your access points, – completely free.

The Sesam App is technically much more secure than both keys and access cards. If you lose your mobile phone, this will be a loss that you quickly discover and report, once the loss is reported, access from the phone in question can be revoked. Each user can only be logged in with one device. If you change / lose your mobile phone and log in from a new device, the login and all accesses on the previous device will immediately stop working. Administrators in Sesam can also choose to log out users from the app manually, at any time, and this will have the same effect.

  • Use your phone to unlock any access point.
  • Identifies the Sesam Controller via the BLE Eddystone Beacon picked up by the Sesam App.
  • No more lost, misplaced, stolen or shared codes, keys or key cards.
  • Closes access for lost phone when re-logging.
  • Unique identification for each user.
  • Full access log in Sesam.
  • The Sesam App is free for all users.
With a range of over 30 meters, the Sesam App can also be used as a remote control of bollards, gates or other electrically controlled road barriers.