Sesam setup

How to setup the Sesam Controller?

Get a Raspberry pi 4 /2GB, power supply, SD card reader/writer and Micro SD card that is 16gb or larger.

Put the Micro SD card in SD card reader/writer connected to your PC.

Download Sesam Controller Software from our website.

You also need to download a program that can burn the file to the Micro SD card. We have good experience with BalenaEtcher.
Once everything is downloaded you can start and burn the diskimage to the Micro SD card.

Select the Sesam file that you have downloaded.

Then select which USB device the Micro SD card is installed to. When you have selected the correct USB device, press «FLASH»

When done burning the image file to the Micro SD card, insert the Micro SD card to the raspberry pie´s SD card slot, almost under the pie and at the opposite end of the usb inputs. Then plug in the power supply.

Start it up, and with a screen connected, instructions will appear on the screen on how to set up.

Connect your PC or phone to the new “Sesam” wireless network announced by the Raspberry (no password).
Once connected, go to your browser and visit
There you will see the option to select the local wireless network for the Sesam Controller and enter its passphrase. If you do not se the wireless network, refresh the browser window. The Sesam Controller was probably not finished booting.

Once the password has been entered and you have pressed Connect, The Sesam Controller will start trying to connect to your chosen wireless network.
If Sesam Controller then gets access to the web, the screen will display a code that must be entered in the Cloud service Sesam Admin
If it was the wrong password then you need to connect to the network and visit the site again to try again.

Without screen.

You scan for wireless networks and see if the Sesam network comes up.
Once it has come up then you need to connect to that network via mobile or a computer.
Once connected, go to your browser and visit
There you will have the option to select the local wireless network, and then enter the password. If you do not get the selected network then you have to visit again as this is caused by the startup of Raspberry PI was not finished.
Once the password has been entered and you have pressed Connect, it will try and connect to your wireless network.
You will lose access to the Sesam network while the Sesam Controller is connecting to your wireless network.
When the Sesam network has returned, you can try and connect to it again.
When you visit the website again you will get a code if everything is in order
If password is wrong or badly entered, you must try the wifi setup again.

How to connect an access point to Sesam Admin:

Once you have received the pairing code, you can set up the door via the admin interface.

Log in to and select “Access points” in the left menu.

There you have a button «Add Access Point»

Here you enter the “pairing code” from the Sesam Controller setup, and then name the the access point.

When this is done, the raspberry pie will re-start and pairing of the Sesam Admin and Sesam Controller is done.

Then download the app “Sircon Sesam” and log in as a user who has been given access. The access point should then appear in the app.

Good luck.