Tired of managing a pile of ​​keys, chips, codes and cards for access to your facilities?

Smoother administration at lowest cost!

  • What if the caretaker has lost keys or got an error on a chip or card
  • What if you want to give automatic access to paying visitors completely without distributing anything physically?
  • What if the cleaning assistant or plumber calls to come in when you are out or traveling?
  • What if you could then open any door via your mobile phone no matter where you are?

SirconSesam solves this with a cloud service and an App. An advanced access system with open API that makes it easy to integrate with other systems. For example, if a tenant has paid rent and security deposit, he or she can have automatic access with the App. If you have electric locks on the doors today, SirconSesam is the simplest and cheapest solution you will find on the market today. SirconSesam uses wireless encrypted network, as well as encrypted communication, both between controller, cloud service and App. The app has a range of about 30 meters and is well suited as a remote control both indoors and outdoors.